I'm an active Arch Linux user, and I have been following your discussion of Trinity
on the archlinux public mailing list. While i have no background in KDE 3.5 or 4x
I am looking for a new project to help out with.

I think that Trinity would be fun to hack/develop on, and I'd like to help
out. I know Arch Linux like the back of my hand, so I can contribute by
setting up AUR packages as well as helping maintain a repo, building
packages and testing them on Arch boxes.  While I don't know C++ or
Java, or any other wishy-washy languages like Python or Ruby, i do know
C quite well, and could definitely help keep Trinity up to date, as well as
develop new applications for it if need be.

I'm free plenty of the time and love contributing, so shoot me an email or
hit me up in #archlinux@freenode if you'd be willing to take me on as a
developer or contributor.


Calvin Morrison