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Month: October 2012

Re: [trinity-devel] RPATH requirements / FTBFS

From: Ulrich Gemkow <ulrich.gemkow@...>
Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2012 10:32:03 +0200

On Thursday 18 October 2012, Darrell Anderson wrote:

> > For Debian / Ubuntu packages is used
> > But I do not know what is the better :)
> Have you ever tried using DCMAKE_SKIP_RPATH="ON" or deleting the option entirely?

CMAKE_SKIP_RPATH="ON" means according to the cmake doc, that all
rpath-related options given to cmake are ignored. This means that no
rpath is set at all - neither at build nor at install time (see

CMAKE_SKIP_RPATH="OFF" (or not set) means that the rpath-related
options given to cmake are used.

When no (other) rpath-options are given, cmakes default is used. This
means that cmake adds an rpath during build time (so compiled binaries
in the build tree may be called and will work) and removes it at install,
so the installed libraries and binaries are without an rpath.

> If DCMAKE_SKIP_RPATH= is not listed in the configuration does that mean cmake 
> I have no qualms with using DCMAKE_SKIP_RPATH="OFF", but we should update the wiki if
> tdebase needs to be built that way. 

I do not know why the wiki proposes to use CMAKE_SKIP_RPATH - maybe
the author can explain. There may be reasons, setting the rpath has
problems in different scenarios and is not always a good idea.

IMHO in most cases it is best to set the rpath at both build and install
time and I use CMAKE_INSTALL_RPATH to set the install rpath explicitely to
the selected install-lib-dir and the install-qt-lib-dir and this works.


> Darrell
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