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Month: October 2012

Re: [trinity-devel] cmake help building amarok (Serghei?)

From: Darrell Anderson <humanreadable@...>
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2012 16:04:06 -0700 (PDT)
> > Everything seems fine. Maybe you have somewhere another
> > scriptmanager.h which is included accidentally?
> Ah, um, well...
> You might be on to something.
> There is another scriptmanager.h on the system, installed by
> the tdelibs package. :)
> /opt/trinity/include/scriptmanager.h
> GIT sources: tdelibs/interfaces/kscript/scriptmanager.h
> So how do I edit CMakeLists.txt, or amarokdcophandler.cpp or
> amarokdcophandler.h to use the local scriptmanager.h and not
> the one installed in /opt/trinity/include?

This seems to be the problem. I temporarily renamed /opt/trinity/include/scriptmanager.h. Thereafter amarok built without failure. The package size and contents look sane.

I don't know what cmake or gcc tricks are needed. I suppose one option is in amarok to rename scriptmanager.h and scriptmanager.cpp, or rename the same in tdelibs (and all Trinity *.h/*.cpp files calling that header file).

Grepping the entire Trinity source tree reveals the following calls to "scriptmanager.h":

./applications/koffice/kexi/formeditor/scripting/formscript.cpp:21:#include "scriptmanager.h"
./applications/koffice/kexi/formeditor/scripting/scriptmanager.cpp:20:#include "scriptmanager.h"

./applications/amarok/amarok/src/playlist.cpp:40:#include "scriptmanager.h"
./applications/amarok/amarok/src/scriptmanager.cpp:31:#include "scriptmanager.h"
./applications/amarok/amarok/src/collectiondb.cpp:36:#include "scriptmanager.h"
./applications/amarok/amarok/src/playlistwindow.cpp:38:#include "scriptmanager.h"
./applications/amarok/amarok/src/contextbrowser.cpp:34:#include "scriptmanager.h"
./applications/amarok/amarok/src/amarokcore/amarokdcophandler.cpp:42:#include "scriptmanager.h"
./applications/amarok/amarok/src/mediabrowser.cpp:37:#include "scriptmanager.h"
./applications/amarok/amarok/src/app.cpp:45:#include "scriptmanager.h"
./applications/amarok/amarok/src/deviceconfiguredialog.cpp:21:#include "scriptmanager.h"

./applications/konversation/konversation/src/konversationmainwindow.cpp:53:#include <scriptmanager.h>

./tdelibs/interfaces/kscript/scriptmanager.cpp:1:#include "scriptmanager.h"

I thought using quotation marks indicates a local header file and using brackets meant using a system header file.

I don't know why commit 477d071b causes this name clash or why reversing the commit avoids the name clash. I suspect we'll have more of these types of bugs in the future as more packages are converted to cmake. Thus, I hope we find a universal solution.

Any ideas how to fix?