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Month: October 2012

Re: [trinity-devel] CMakeLists.txt enhancement

From: Darrell Anderson <humanreadable@...>
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2012 23:14:31 -0700 (PDT)
> affects <nothing yet>
> supports hardware detection when libhal is not installed when it will be pushed to git it supposed
> to be changed... but before that you shouldn't mislead anybody...

TDEHW is already in GIT. Anybody who builds from GIT can use that option. I use the option to build in Slackware 14.0, which no longer supports HAL.

> also, here is a small patch to tdeartwork...generally there is nothing to describe. but for the tick...

tdeartwork suggested change:


NOTE: all this flags control that scrensavers are to be compiled/installed and nothing more.


NOTE: These flags control how screensavers are compiled/installed.