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Month: December 2012

Re: [trinity-devel] Seeking to help in the development of Trinity

From: pauline martin <321eniluap@...>
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2012 10:10:53 -0500
On Tue, Dec 4, 2012 at 7:36 AM, pauline martin <321eniluap@...> wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 4, 2012 at 12:20 AM, Darrell Anderson <darrella@...> wrote:
>>> I did not mean to imply porting from qt3 to qt4 precisely, I meant to
>>> the tqt framework. At least what I read made it sound like once the
>>> porting to the tqt framework was completely done that it there would
>>> no longer be a need for qt3 as a dependency. Was I wrong?
>> Everything in GIT now runs on the tqtinterface layer. Other than new ABI/API
>> changes, there is no more related work to be performed. Historically, we
>> went through a rough time with the overall conversion between 3.5.12 ->
>> Most if not all of those bugs were found and most of the patches
>> have been back ported to too.
>> We still maintain Qt3, mostly as a base and reference, but the preferred
>> method of building packages is against TQt3. There will always be a
>> dependency on one or the other, but as development continues, that
>> dependency shifts more and more to TQt3. At least one package builds only
>> against TQt3 and no longer builds against Qt3: tdebindings. There might be
>> other packages, but I would not know because I have been building against
>> TQt3 since the GIT migration almost a year ago.
>>> An idea for art:
>>> 1. A triquetra-type image of either penguins or overlapping circles
>>> or something (ideas welcome)
>>> 2. We could replace the shutdown, standby, and power buttons with
>>> images of a penguin's ace with eyes open, half-closed and sleeping.
>>> I could do these in 3D or in 2D.
>> The penguin is symbolically linked to the Linux kernel and the gnu is
>> symbolically related to the gcc infrastructure. I think Trinity should have
>> its own symbolic imagery. :)
>> A triquetra type image sounds interesting, but  where do you envision these
>> images to be used? Are you thinking project logos at this point or other art
>> work for packages?
>> I apologize for the top-posting of my last message (please forgive me)
>> and hopefully it is fixed here. It was not intentional, just tired.
>> However I also had another idea for some art, I cold also do a 3Dish
>> image where 3 balls overlap with their overlapping colors changing due
>> to the overlap.
>> Personally I don't care whether people top post or bottom post. I see both
>> styles in my emails outside this list and I use whatever the other person
>> uses. I have enough intelligence and patience to read either. So does
>> everybody else here, but old customs die hard. :)
>> Darrell
> I was thinking of making the triquetra-type image (overlapping balls
> whatever) in place of the T in the gear (originally a K from KDE).  As
> that is one location that needs to be obviously be rebranded if we are
> to trully become our own entity away from kde.  Other imagery would of
> course need to go as well and I will work on creating a list of other
> apps and stuff that I think might be good to change their art for.
> Suck as Chalk, and in sme cases it might be good to know what the
> image for for the DE is before creating an entire set of icons and art
> that would go with it.  I do need to however, either find a list of
> art that needs to go or to create one.  Otherwise, it would almost be
> like chasing a bouncing ball in the dark.
> Pauline Martin

Just did a search through the contents of tde-tdeartwork and found a
few more images that I thought might be worth changing.  These are
(without the file type):

kfs_kde (might want a totally new mascot character /thing)  I can make
a mascot/character if so desired)

However, I do realize that by changing a subset of icons and imagery I
would have to force myself to stay within their style and feel.  Where
as a completely new set (yes more work) could be desired more.  I also
realize that only some of the art that might be desired to be replaced
is within tde-tdeartwork.

Pauline Martin