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Month: December 2012

Re: [trinity-devel] Seeking to help in the development of Trinity

From: "Darrell Anderson" <darrella@...>
Date: Tue, 04 Dec 2012 14:44:34 -0600
>> I was thinking of making the triquetra-type image 
>> whatever) in place of the T in the gear (originally a K from 
KDE).  As
>> that is one location that needs to be obviously be rebranded if 
we are
>> to trully become our own entity away from kde.  Other imagery 
would of
>> course need to go as well and I will work on creating a list of 
>> apps and stuff that I think might be good to change their art 
>> Suck as Chalk, and in sme cases it might be good to know what the
>> image for for the DE is before creating an entire set of icons 
and art
>> that would go with it.  I do need to however, either find a list 
>> art that needs to go or to create one.  Otherwise, it would 
almost be
>> like chasing a bouncing ball in the dark.
>Just did a search through the contents of tde-tdeartwork and found 
>few more images that I thought might be worth changing.  These are 
(without the file type):
>kfs_kde (might want a totally new mascot character /thing)  I can 
>a mascot/character if so desired)
>However, I do realize that by changing a subset of icons and 
imagery I
>would have to force myself to stay within their style and feel.  
>as a completely new set (yes more work) could be desired more.  I 
>realize that only some of the art that might be desired to be 
>is within tde-tdeartwork.

A list or a road map is a good first step. Don't spend time 
creating images or mockups at this point. :)

We have an etherpad site where you can store and share the road map:

I don't remember how to create an account. :( Contact Tim.

One challenge with changing art work is changing the respective 
files for all theme and icon collections. These tend to be 
scattered about but mostly in tdelibs, tdebase, and tdeartwork.

Rather than modify any of the existing icon themes, a same approach 
is just changing a handful of files while retaining consistency 
with the theme style.

New art work helps promote a new project identity, yet we want to 
retain some roots to KDE 3. Trinity is a continuation of the KDE 3 
model and we don't want to abandon those roots. We probably need 
some kind of list discussion about which specific images to change, 
but for myself I prefer to retain the "T in the gear" images.

On the other hand, a new mascot is a great idea. I also like the 
idea of a complete rebranding of chalk images.