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Month: December 2012

Re: [trinity-devel] Seeking to help in the development of Trinity

From: pauline martin <321eniluap@...>
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2012 16:09:24 -0500
On Tue, Dec 4, 2012 at 3:44 PM, Darrell Anderson <darrella@...> wrote:
>>> I was thinking of making the triquetra-type image
> (overlappingballs
>>> whatever) in place of the T in the gear (originally a K from
> KDE).  As
>>> that is one location that needs to be obviously be rebranded if
> we are
>>> to trully become our own entity away from kde.  Other imagery
> would of
>>> course need to go as well and I will work on creating a list of
> other
>>> apps and stuff that I think might be good to change their art
> for.
>>> Suck as Chalk, and in sme cases it might be good to know what the
>>> image for for the DE is before creating an entire set of icons
> and art
>>> that would go with it.  I do need to however, either find a list
> of
>>> art that needs to go or to create one.  Otherwise, it would
> almost be
>>> like chasing a bouncing ball in the dark.
>>Just did a search through the contents of tde-tdeartwork and found
> a
>>few more images that I thought might be worth changing.  These are
> (without the file type):
>>kfs_kde (might want a totally new mascot character /thing)  I can
> make
>>a mascot/character if so desired)
>>However, I do realize that by changing a subset of icons and
> imagery I
>>would have to force myself to stay within their style and feel.
> Where
>>as a completely new set (yes more work) could be desired more.  I
> also
>>realize that only some of the art that might be desired to be
> replaced
>>is within tde-tdeartwork.
> A list or a road map is a good first step. Don't spend time
> creating images or mockups at this point. :)
> We have an etherpad site where you can store and share the road map:
> I don't remember how to create an account. :( Contact Tim.
> One challenge with changing art work is changing the respective
> files for all theme and icon collections. These tend to be
> scattered about but mostly in tdelibs, tdebase, and tdeartwork.
> Rather than modify any of the existing icon themes, a same approach
> is just changing a handful of files while retaining consistency
> with the theme style.
> New art work helps promote a new project identity, yet we want to
> retain some roots to KDE 3. Trinity is a continuation of the KDE 3
> model and we don't want to abandon those roots. We probably need
> some kind of list discussion about which specific images to change,
> but for myself I prefer to retain the "T in the gear" images.
> On the other hand, a new mascot is a great idea. I also like the
> idea of a complete rebranding of chalk images.
> Darrell
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I am not necessarily against keeping the T in the gear icons, I
personally think that with them the project will always look like a
child of KDE instead of its own entity, however that is not
necessarily true.  I will email Tim and talk to him about getting an
etherpad account and go from there on the art front.