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Month: December 2012

Re: [trinity-devel] Gentoo issues.

From: "Darrell Anderson" <darrella@...>
Date: Sun, 09 Dec 2012 13:03:31 -0600
>> The $DESKTOP_SESSION shell variable is set in 'startkde' script. 
I think the
>> current value in is "trinity". thanks for info, that 
was helpful
>Seems I found a reason of all this: trinity runs autostart files 
>/usr/share as well as from it's own autorun subdirectory.
>The nice workaround will be to remove /usr/share/autostart from an
>autorun path. I haven't found yet there those paths are come from 
>but it should work. Anyway it's not a solution...
>IMHO the solution will be to stop using files contaning 
>OnlyShowIn=KDE (it will require small fixes in tdelibs and 
tdebase) and change
>all such entries in our desktop files to TDE.

I remember this bug hitting me a long time ago. The problem varied 
for everybody, but was path and environment variable related. For 
path issues we did a lot of work on fortifying the 
startkde/starttde script. For example, when the Trinity version of 
startkde/starttde is run, $TDEDIR/bin is in the search path before 

For the environment variables the problem was KDE4 startup scripts 
in /etc/profile.d being sourced during login as well as the Trinity 
profile.d scripts.

Because the underlying system has to support whichever desktop the 
user wants to run, one solution is to modify the system's startup 
scripts to only source the correct profile.d scripts rather than 
source every profile.d script tagged executable. My work-around was 
to tag all Trinity and KDE4 profile.d scripts not executable. I 
created a new profile.d script named and in that script I 
sourced the appropriate profile.d scripts based upon whether 
starttde or startkde is being used. As 3.5.13.x and KDE4 uses the 
same named startkde, this still works because the Trinity version 
of startkde is installed to /opt/trinity/bin and not /usr/bin. To 
complete the circle, I use the full path in my Trinity xinitrc 
script such as /opt/trinity/bin//startkde rather than just startkde.

Another problem is KDE4 only uses KDEDIRS and not KDEDIR. One 
solution then is not to use KDEDIRS in Trinity.

The R14 branch should not have this problem because of the many XDG 
related changes (e.g., OnlyShowIn=TDE). Environment variables all 
have been renamed in R14 too (KDEDIR->TDEDIR, etc.).

Also, a fringe wild shot, but try running the migratekde3 script 
against your profile directory. The script is not part of 
but probably will be part of The script is in GIT tdebase: