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Month: December 2012

building python-tqt

From: Michele Calgaro <michele.calgaro@...>
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2012 09:07:50 +0000 (GMT)
Sorry to bother you again today :) 

I am trying to build python-tqt from GIT (after I built sip4-tqt and 

tqscintilla. Btw, somebody with the required access could edit the 

"How to build guide" section 7 "Build order" and move "tqscintilla" 

before "python-tqt" since the former is a requirement for the latter).

I have this situation: 
1) if I use sip 4.10.5 (the one from sip4-tqt package) the correct sip.h 

file is installed in /usr/include/python2.X. Nevertheless configuration
fails as follow:

sip: /home/tde_src/2_build/build/dependencies/python-tqt/sip/qt/qtmod.sip:23: syntax error

at    os.system(string.join(argv)), where this command 

get invoked:
/usr/bin/sip" -x TQt_STYLE_WINDOWSXP -x TQt_STYLE_INTERLACE -x TQt_STYLE_WINDOWSXP -x TQt_SIP_PRE_4_7_2 -x VendorID -t WS_X11 -t TQt_3_3_6 -j 10 -c qt -b qt/qt.sbf -I/home/tde_src/2_build/build/dependencies/python-tqt/sip /home/tde_src/2_build/build/dependencies/python-tqt/sip/qt/qtmod.sip

For reference, the failing line in qtmod.sip is:

%Module qt 2

PS: I am no SIP expert at all :(

2) instead if I use sip 4.13.3-2 that comes with debian/testing (and which
should not be used according to the How to Build giude) the configuration
is able to complete correctly (beside a never ending list of deprecated 

warnings) but then the building fails since the incorrect 

sip.h file (and libraries) is installed
qobject.sip:2199:9: error: ‘pyqt3TQtSignal’ was not declared in this scope

So I wonder how you manage to build python-tqt. 

What am I missing?

Have a nice weekend :)