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Month: June 2013

Re: [trinity-devel] R14

From: "Timothy Pearson" <kb9vqf@...>
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2013 00:43:58 -0500
> Hi All...
> Any "guesstimates" as to when R14 might be released?
> Keith

There are still a few unresolved bug reports blocking the R14 release, but
overall it is progressing well and I hope to have R14 officially out in
the next month or so. will be released very shortly however, so if you need support for
newer distributions or fixes for serious bugs, that would be an option
while you wait for R14 to be released.

Many apologies for the numerous R14 delays; Real Life tends to get in the
way of the best-laid open source plans! ;-)