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Month: July 2013

Re: [trinity-devel] Problem with zlib.h while compiling

From: Ismael Farfán <sulfurfff@...>
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2013 19:06:37 -0500
2013/7/12 Darrell Anderson
> BTW, the build notes wiki hasn't been reviewed by a newcomer in a
> long time. Please offer improvements and critiques. :-)
> Darrell

Hi Darrel

I've been busy with my work, but here is a quick and dirty review of
the HOWTO BUILD wiki; it's based on my own selfish desires and my
delusion of what I was expecting to find there, It's a 2 part review:

There are way to many notes, really, I stopped reading them after the
4th the first time I got there!

Didn't really mention them, only say something about cmake and autotools.

What about saying, when building in Debian based distributions you
will need at least:
aptitude install mesa3d-dev libpng-dev gcc g++ make

On RedHat based distributions:
yum install bla bla bla

The "distribution specific build information" doesn't list the
packages needed either.

Probably only one mention of something like this would be enough:

The compilation will be either with autotools or cmake, please refer
to package_name/INSTALL for build instructions on each package.

I'm used to checking either INSTALL or BUILDING when I don't see a
configure script :)

How about something like:
At the moment PREFIX=/opt/trinity must be exported before installing
some packages (like tqtinterface), please check package/INSTALL for

And put package specific compilation options and instructions inside
the README file, for example, there is no mention of --enable-closure
inside tdeadmin.

>  Regenerate Autoconf/Automake files
This kind of stuff should be inside each package's README or BUILDING;
applies for cmake too!

> 6. Install
>  make install || exit 1
A little too short to deserve a whole section don't you think?

Also, that exit 1 might scare those that forget to do it as root,
*cough* or didn't read the whole manual *cough*

> 7. Build Order
I'm told 2 different ways of compiling, I'm given a bunch of
configuration flags and finally I know what to compile first :D

Now I need to find how to compile again because I forgot D:

> None of these Trinity libraries are required but all provide...
Wait, what? what are doing another 2 dependency lists here?

> This is not a complete list. Please help with updating the list!
Interesting, here is the list of packages I need to install before compiling :)

I must say the first time I didn't read this far.

You could also say whether to build each package with cmake or
autotools (and link to the section)

> 9. Build Times
I think this would be a good place to specify which packages support
parallel building ;)

Proposed wiki layout

TDE is a continuation/fork/whatever of the old KDE3 desktop, it has
been made so that it can coexist with other desktops like Gnome, XFCE
and specially KDE4; this was achieved by renaming the TDE files.

And probably some exports like qt3 path and stuff.

Getting the sources
You can get the latest stable release at http://...
Or you can get the latest development source using git clone...

*Building the bare minimum desktop*
_Ordered_ package specific build instructions to get a shiny new TDE
desktop listing the currently installed kde4, gnome and xfce4 apps.

Installing the apps
Instructions for compiling non-essential stuff like gwenview, amarok,
kontact, etc. that some may desire but some may not (like those
comfortable with Amarok2).

Pimping the desktop
Compiling superkaramba, kdm and other set of goodies.

I really appreciate the effort you are doing guys, sorry if I sounded
mean, it wasn't my intention.


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