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Month: August 2013

tdehwlib HAL power management backend (was: [trinity-devel] about pmount and R14 new backends)

From: Slávek Banko <slavek.banko@...>
Date: Sat, 10 Aug 2013 16:49:31 +0200
On Wednesday 07 of August 2013 19:54:16 Fran�ois Andriot wrote:
> Hello,
> The 2 current supported versions of RedHat Enterprise Linux (5 and 6)
> are both provided with a working (and mandatory) HAL daemon, but do not
> support udisks, upower, and other recent stuff ..
> So, TDE R14 can provide the mount/umount features with the small pmount
> utility, but what about the power options ?
> We must not neglect this kind of distributions, because precisely they
> ship with old versions of KDE3 / early KDE4 /old Gnome2, so Trinity is a
> very serious alternative.
> The meaning of the original question was more precisely:
> won't work in the end ?
> If there is no alternative, I will have to build HAL support for these
> distributions in R14. So please do not drop it now :-)
> Francois

Hi all,

I tried to prepare tdehwlib HAL backend for power management. It currently 
supports suspend and hibernation. Is designed to transparently selects 
between upower and HAL.

How about a way of solution?

So far I have not examined whether it would be possible in a similar way to 
prepare HAL backend for removable drives.