Tim, great thanks for commiting the changes... Now forward-porting changes to the spitted-library branch would be much more easier...

Now so what about splitting tdehw to shared library. Reasons to do so I've already listed above.

Here are what changes will be required and why:
1. Remove hacks from tdecore (TDEGlobal and KInstance)
    - It's just necessary part to move it away from tdecore.
It's the only structural change. Others are just cosmetical renames...
What to use in place of TDEGlobal::HardwareDevices() described above as weel.

2. Install includes to tdehw subdirectory and strip tde prefix from file names; 
    - follow the behavior of other tdelibs libraries.

3. Introduce TDEHW namespace and move to it all exported classes. 
    - The same.

4. Strip TDE prefix from classes.
    - The same, follow behavior of other libraries.
    - follow behavior of files ( from the second tip). 
    - It useless with namespace.
    - Increase readability of files which are heavily using the library.

Any thoughts/comments/ideas?