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Month: August 2013

Re: [trinity-devel] RE: [Bulk] Re: [trinity-devel] Re: Building from GIT source & tde-packaging

From: Michele Calgaro <michele.calgaro@...>
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2013 08:30:10 +0100 (BST)
>> Hi Tim, Darrell, Slavek,
>> thanks all for your feedback. Slavek's comments explain the problem I was
>> facing.
>> I am using the sources from the GIT repository for TDE and TDE-packaging.
>> In December/January 2013 (the last time I had enough time to build TDE) I
>> had no major problems building TDE.
>> Last week when I tried again, I run into this dependency problem and after
>> checking with the nightly build website I found the differences in the
>> package version number I mentioned in my first message. So as Slavek said,
>> the scripts used to generate the .deb packages automatically add the new
>> version number and that's why the nightly build tarball builds to a 14.0.0
>> version instead of 2.3.22. So I will just have to do the same.
>> -- Unless I am doing something wrong or missing something in the building
>> process (which could well be the case :) )--, IMO the TDE-packaging and TDE
>> GIT repository should be synchronized, by either updating the package build
>> scripts or by adding the scripts that are used by the autobuild system.
>> At the moment if a Debian user tries to build TDE package-by-package from
>> the GIT repository using the current TDE-packaging GIT repository, he/she
>> will run into dependency problems like the one I mentioned.
>> Cheers
>>  Michele
> Constantly updated versions in tde-packaging to me does not seem like a good
> idea. Not only would it generate a lot of unnecessary changes, but also would
> not guarantee that the version actually corresponds to the current state of
> appropriate git module.
> Sense might have if version will be updated at the time of release of the new
> final version => be labeled using git tag. However, this does not solve your
> trouble. What could you help if I gave you my script for generating source
> deb packages...
> Slavek

Hi Slavek, thanks for coming back on this.
I agree with you that changing the version number in tde-packaging every time is
not a good idea and also very time consuming. 
Much better using a script that automatically updates the version number at building
time, as you and Tim do. I also have my own set of scripts to build TDE and I just 
had to add a "dch" line to get every package to the same version number.

Anyhow IMO we should also make sure that there are no broken dependencies between tde
and tde-packaging git repositories, because if someone tries to build TDE from git
without updating the package version, at the moment he would run into broken
dependencies (at least in Debian testing). 
tdelibs requiring libart version >=14.0.0 is one example, and there may be more.

One way to do that is to review the dependencies of each package one by one, but
perhaps a wiser idea would be to include the scripts used by the autobuilder farm
into the tde-packaging repository.

By the way, the "How to build TDE" web page (
is full of nice information, but it strikes me that there is no mentioning of the
tde-packaging repository. It would be worth adding a couple of lines at the
top of the page that says something like "Hey guys, most of the scripts you need can be
found in the tde-packaging git repository. Check them out"
I think this would encourage more people to help the development of TDE.