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Month: September 2013

Re: [trinity-devel] My opinion on Trinity project quality

From: PICCORO McKAY Lenz <mckaygerhard@...>
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2013 11:42:37 -0430
long time, and the obvious, see and think:
* What distribution officially uses "TDE" as main desktop.?
* What derived distribution, use "TDE" as main desktop.?
* Where is a website that oficialize the number of users who use "TDE"

The differences between TDE and KDE are of two types, surface and backgorund.
In surface, the only thing user see is an obvious and inefficient
appereance like Windows
Real changes in background are not highlighted to ommon user (new
software support etc.)

TDE has no real differences, not like Razorqt, or LXDE, where you
notice things like good performance and simplicity,

In TDE avanced users like me, expected that well know bugs like
missing quanta updates, dialup simplicity (kpp are a pain), konqueror
crash on flash sites, or support on kwallet for subversion >= 1.6 or
support for kwallet for git, the most wanted are dialog open/save
integration with GTK and FLTK.. but , in 4 releases of TDE only windo
like features was made!

On 9/18/13, Aleksey Midenkov <midenok@...> wrote:
> Good point. I second that.
> On Tue, Sep 17, 2013 at 12:47 PM, Nicolas Bercher <nbercher@...>
> wrote:
>> I use Trinity since January 2011 on every X-equiped machine I use.
>> So far, I had some issues, but what I like with Trinity is that it
>> kept KDE3 living.  TDE provides a consistent user experience.  Thanks
>> to the user interfaces that are not changing every month, I can
>> continue to use my computers without being forced to relearn everything
>> after each "improvment".
>> Nicolas
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Lenz McKAY Gerardo (PICCORO)