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Month: September 2013

Re: [trinity-devel] It's time for RC1?

From: "Darrell Anderson" <darrella@...>
Date: Sun, 29 Sep 2013 17:58:15 -0500
On Sun, 29 Sep 2013 13:02:34 -0500 "Sl�vek Banko" 
<slavek.banko@...> wrote:
>Hello all,
>I would say that the work on the R14 successfully moving forward.
>On Etherpad are listed only a few opened bug reports.
>I chalked little notes. Please take a look at it.
>Regressions (Open items: 2):
>1615 TDEPowersave will autosuspend to ram only once
> -- seems already fixed
>1597 Pressing the power button shutdown computer, regardless of 
>what I set in 
> -- seems already fixed 
>Available patches (Open items: 5):
>1560 several FTBFS building R14.0.0
> -- tqt3 : build as shared library instead of static library
>  - I believe that there is nothing against commit it?
> -- python-tqt : fix FTBFS
>  - requires a deeper decision because
>  - pyqt3TQtSignal � pyqt3QtSignal => sip-tqt � original sip
> -- tdenetwork : use alternate 'resolv.conf' in kppp, if available
>  - I do not know whether to commit or leave as distribution 
>1199 Build issue: tdelibs FTBFS on older distro with Xorg under 
> -- patches contained here are not intended to push into GIT
> -- some of them could be commited, some would have to be adjusted
> -- I believe that this bug is not blocking for R14.0.0
>1146 Build issue: fusion-icon does not install python module in 
> -- it would be good to incorporate findings PYTHON_SITELIB path 
>to makefile
>1054 Build issue: soundkonverter FTBFS without --with-extra-
> -- will be fixed soon - patch waiting for test
>952� TDEBase, TDELibs translation to Russian and Ukrainian update
> -- the task of updating translations are wider than this one 
> -- that's why I suggest defer updating translations to 
>maintanance releases
>Blocker reports (Open items: 3):
>1655 New stderr messages as a result of commit 5354555
> -- I believe that this bug is not blocking for R14.0.0
>1528 R14 Tdm cannot start after a system upgrade from 3.5.13 kdm
> -- this is probably resolved, pending confirmation
>1453 TDM broken in R14 nightlies
> -- this is still valid?
>Critical reports (Open items: 3):
>1233� turn-off and restart not finished in TDE
> -- this bug is somewhat mysterious
> -- I believe that this bug is not blocking for R14.0.0
>1168� Build issue: python-tqt FTBFS
> -- patch waiting for test

Regarding 1615: The original problem description was resolved, but 
please refer to comment 25 for why the report was not closed.

Regarding 1655: I am concerned with the following:

* tdeio (tdeioslave): WARNING: Can't communicate with 

* tdeio (KIOConnection): ERROR: Header read failed, errno=104

* tdeio (KIOConnection): ERROR: Header has invalid size (-1)

* tdeio (KIOConnection): ERROR: Could not write data

* tdeio (TDELauncher): ERROR: SlavePool: No communication with 

* tdecore (KLibLoader): WARNING: KLibrary: symbol not found

* [dcopserver] Corrupt data!

As Commit 5354555 (2013-08-26) exposed these messages, would be 
nice if we tried to resolve them before pushing R14 out the door. 
In the bug report I posted comments how to repeatedly invoke some 
of the messages. Who knows which of these messages are associated 
with other bug reports.

Regarding 1054 and 1168: I tested the patches and responded 
accordingly in the bug reports. Those patches can be pushed and the 
reports closed as resolved. Good job! :-)

Regarding the proposed release schedule dates, I was updating those 
regularly but family emergencies have been keeping me away from the 
project of late. :-(