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Month: October 2013

TDE strict dependency on binutils in Debian Jessie/Wheezy

From: Michele Calgaro <michele.calgaro@...>
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2013 16:23:21 +0100 (BST)

HI there,
is anybody aware of any good reason why tdelibs14-trinity and some other packages have a very strict dependency on binutils in Debian Jessie and Wheezy (and I suspect also on previous versions and in Ubuntu, even though I didn't check)?
For example I get dependencies such as:
binutils (>=, binutils (<<

The problem with such kind of dependency is that when binutils is updated, I need to do a full rebuild of TDE before I can update the binutils package on my machine.
After the full rebuild is completed, everything can be updated, but I don't see the reason for having the '<<' part of the dependency since it doesn't seem to affect anything: TDE builds with both the old and the new binutils package.

So I am wondering if such strict dependency is intentional or if it is something that we are dragging along from the past (perhaps because of a broken or incompatible binutils version in the past).

If there isn't any particular reason, I will open a bug report in a few days about this point.