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Month: October 2013

Re: [trinity-devel] TDE strict dependency on binutils in Debian Jessie/Wheezy

From: Slávek Banko <slavek.banko@...>
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2013 03:19:14 +0200
On Thursday 24 of October 2013 03:07:15 Michele Calgaro wrote:
> >I believe that a close relationship to binutils is just a minor problem
> > for users running stable version. It is very unlikely that in the updates
> > for stable version of Debian/Ubuntu distribution (or backports) will be
> > updated binutils, which would break dependencies.
> >
> >The problem is therefore only applies to users who use testing and
> > unstable distributions. For such versions of distributions is not
> > possible to release the "final" versions of TDE, because any time
> > something can go wrong. I assume that users will always have to use
> > either nightly-builds or preliminary updates for stable TDE branch. As
> > was my ppa for v3.5.13.x branch.
> >
> >I any case, if backtraces is good even without the lib bfd, we can turn
> > off WITH_LIBBFD and remove binutils- dev from tdelibs-trinity build-deps
> > and tdelibs14-trinity-dev dependencies. To me this seems appropriate.
> >
> >Slavek
> You have more experience than me, so I leave the choice to you and Tim.
> Both choices are ok for me. I usually do a full rebuild every month or two,
> so in the worst case I just hold up the binutils update for a few weeks.
>   Michele

Right now I push into tde-packaging commit 499de1ac: Disable WITH_LIBBFD in 
tdelibs on Debian and Ubuntu. We can look forward to cancel the tight 
dependency on binutils from the next tdelibs rebuild :)