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Month: December 2013

Re: [trinity-devel] Trinity on older hardware

From: Michele Calgaro <michele.calgaro@...>
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2013 02:53:57 +0000 (GMT)

>>>  That said what kinds of system or usability tests would be

>>>  representative?
>> You bring up a long-standing problem here. :-)  Without an 
>> automated
>> performance test suite, all we can go in is the system "feel" and
>> "snappiness" when trying to use it.
>> I would still like to put together a test suite (ideally generic 
>> enough
>> that we can also benchmark Qt4/Qt5 for comparison purposes), but 
>> don't
>> have time at the moment with trying to get R14 out the door and 
>> all.
> Sounds like a great post-R14 project. Until then I'll have to 
> settle for a stopwatch and the time command. :-)
> Darrell

as further thing to consider, have 3.5.10 and R14 been compiled in the same configuration (either release-release or debug-debug)? On some intensive programs I noticed a speed difference ratio or 3-to-1 between the two.
But perhaps for TDE such difference wouldn't be to big since most of the time the system is just waiting for user actions.
Just my two cents.