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Month: December 2013

Amarok (x86) fails scanning files whose inode value exceeds "uint32 max value" (XFS/inode64)

From: Nicolas Bercher <nbercher@...>
Date: Fri, 06 Dec 2013 14:51:45 +0100

I just submitted a bug report regarding this issue:

Any clue on this?

I'm not yet involved in TDE development, but I'd be willing to try to 
fix this if some people could give me few advices and directions.
And basically, I don't want to dig in it if it's a well known fact that
such inode64 issues on x86 platforms are not not fixable (in the
context of TDE code only).

I think I have to start analyzing the scanning code of course and check
C types used to handle inode values, if such things occur within Amarok

Another option might be that the bug lives in an external library
that open the files for Amarok.

(People might ask me "Why I don't you swich to amd64 distro?"
But that is not the question here.)