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Month: December 2013

Recent mouse click problems

From: "Darrell Anderson" <darrella@...>
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2013 19:05:20 -0600

Using git, creating fresh package sets frequently the past many 

Recently my mouse is not working correctly. I don't know whether 
the problem is me, the mouse, X, or Trinity. I don't think the 
mouse because I have tried two different devices.

The recent problem is a single click does not always function like 
a single click. Sometimes the single click acts like a double-click 
and sometimes a single click does nothing at all.

For example, single-click selecting an app icon in the taskbar or 
the launcher menu button might do nothing at all. I have to click 
again. Sometimes a single-click on a file opens the file rather 
than just selecting, like a double-click.

Another problem is click-and-drag does not always hold. That is, I 
click-and-drag to select a snippet of text but when I release the 
mouse button the selection highlight disappears as though I single-
clicked outside the selected area.

I have the double-click time configured to 700 msecs (fairly slow) 
and I have tested different times. I have double-click set as the 
default icon selection action.

I don't want to use a different desktop for a day or two to decide 
whether Trinity is involved.

Has anybody else experienced these or similar events of late? Any 

Thanks. :-)