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Month: December 2013

Opinion of Trinity R14.0.0

From: "Darrell Anderson" <darrella@...>
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2013 12:43:40 -0600

In the upcoming R14.0.0 press release I would like to include one 
user and one developer opinion why they enjoy Trinity R14.0.0. 
These types of quotations are common in product related press 

If you volunteer an opinion, please be aware that some kind of 
identity connection to you is necessary. That connection can be a 
well-known online alias, but birth names are preferred to enhance 
credibility. The reason is in case a reviewer or reporter decides 
to perform fact checking. The press release will not include email 
addresses or anything like that. Just a name that a reviewer or 
reporter can identify and through the contacts listed at the end of 
the press release, be able to contact you to validate or expand 
upon your opinion.

Although many people prefer privacy, providing an opinion and a 
name in the press release could serve as a free publicity of your 
coding and project participation skills.

Please limit opinions to a maximum of three sentences. If English 
is not your native language, please still feel welcome to offer an 
opinion. I'll help you massage the text.

As primary developers, Tim and Slavek should be the main press 
release contact points, but that is a decision for both of you to 

A draft of the press release is available in the etherpads:

Please feel welcome to improve the draft.

Please post any such opinions here to the dev mail list. I'll 
select two, although I might roll dice to perform the selection. :-)

Thank you!