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Month: December 2013

Re: [trinity-devel] Opinion of Trinity R14.0.0

From: Martin Graesslin <mgraesslin@...>
Date: Thu, 26 Dec 2013 21:49:22 +0100
On Wednesday 25 December 2013 13:11:57 Darrell Anderson wrote:
> >I am fine with both versions. I think the second one misses the
> >point that TDE is a DE which puts productivity before fancy-
> >useless-bothering visual effects, which I think is the main reason
> >why people use TDE. Perhaps the following version is a little
> >better:
> I understand your feelings. :)
> A goal of a press release is to offer a positive spin and focus on
> the announced product rather than what other products lack. We want
> to refrain from KDE bashing. If you browse the dev mail list
> archives from a while ago, you'll discover that a couple of KDE
> devs invited themselves into our mail list and started a nasty
> spitting contest. Got rather heated. Nobody won and one of the KDE
> devs took to his blog to continue bashing Trinity. He stopped that
> public campaign when a lot of people posted comments to his blog
> entry to leave us the hell alone, that the free/libre software
> philosophy allows and embraces forking. He was reminded that we
> were not harming anybody. After those public rebuttals he stayed
> away, but I have not forgotten him or his tirades.
No, I stopped because there was nothing coming from Trinity lately which I 
thought worthwhile to comment on. And you see I haven't forgotten you either 
and still follow your development ;-)
> I'm not afraid of bashing KDE4, especially the piece of shit known
> as akonadi,
And here we see, why I wrote in my blog post you refer to that "It’s pure 
hatred against KDE technologies and this dominates the development of 
Trinity." - I think your comment here speaks for yourself.

If you think KDE is shit, write it. Don't go the way of trying to avoid any 
bitching against KDE. It's not true and your archives are public. Everybody 
can read it and what you really mean.

Nevertheless, no hard feelings from my side. I wish you all success for your 
release and (although already a little bit late) a Merry Christmas and a Happy 
New Year.