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Month: December 2013

Re: [trinity-devel] LibreOffice and Trinity dialogs

From: "Darrell Anderson" <darrella@...>
Date: Sun, 29 Dec 2013 11:16:48 -0600
>Some time ago I tested LibreOffice with TDE integration as 
>available in 
>LibreOffice-tde PPA on the build-farm.
>I tested version 4.0.3-14 on Debian Wheezy i386 and was very 
>On the File/Open nothing happened. On the File/Save as occurred 
>LibreOffice. I was forced to upgrade to LibreOffice from wheezy-
>(4.1.2-2~bpo70+1 without TDE integration).
>Then I tested version 4.0.2-0ubuntu4 on Ubuntu Saucy amd64 and 
>everything worked smoothly.

The latest stable is 4.1.4. We should support that.

Yesterday I started trying to build LO. A dependency nightmare even 
after I found a good build script to start with.

The 4.1.4 build halts early with failures related to TDE. I was up 
way too late last night and did not copy the failure message, but I 
am reasonably sure the failure message means we need to patch the 
LO 4.1.4 sources.

Building LO with Trinity dialogs is going to be a never-ending 
shuffle to keep LO patched. Nobody upstream is going to do that or 
even care. Keeping LO patched falls on us.

Considering that compiling needs several hours, I ask that we build 
LO on the server farm and then package as an rpm just like the LO 
folks do. All Trinity packagers then can take that standard rpm and 
repackage for their own distro.

Building on the server farm will not be a nightly affair. Only 
build as needed when each new LO version is released. Perhaps two 
or three times a year. Building on the server farm also guarantees 
all Trinity packagers that LO is built correctly and provides a 
common method for all Trinity users to test and validate the 
Trinity dialogs.

As the final LO package is a monster 120+ MB, to control bandwidth 
we could make the final package available only Trinity packagers 
and developers.

For those who still want to build LO from source with Trinity 
dialogs, at the wiki we should provide a build script template, a 
list of required dependencies, a link to git of the respective 
patches for each LO release version. Right now our draft press 
release claim of Trinity dialog support is vaporware, at least 
until we can prove others can build LO successfully with the