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Month: December 2013

Re: [trinity-devel] Where are we capturing suggested default config changes?

From: "David C. Rankin" <drankinatty@...>
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2013 23:49:16 -0600
On 12/30/2013 10:32 PM, Darrell Anderson wrote:
>>  At one time we had discussed updating various defaults for 
>> keystrokes, etc. I
>> have run across an Akregator default change and can't find where 
>> we were listing
>> them.
> If I correctly understand your question, most defaults are found in 
> *.ui files. For akregator there are several:
> tdepim/akregator/src/settings_archive.ui
> tdepim/akregator/src/settings_appearance.ui
> tdepim/akregator/src/mk4storage/mk4confwidgetbase.ui
> tdepim/akregator/src/tagpropertieswidgetbase.ui
> tdepim/akregator/src/settings_browser.ui
> tdepim/akregator/src/settings_advancedbase.ui
> tdepim/akregator/src/propertieswidgetbase.ui
> tdepim/akregator/src/addfeedwidgetbase.ui
> tdepim/akregator/src/settings_general.ui
> Darrell


  I was unclear. I was looking for a wiki page where we could post suggested
changes to default values for apps, etc.. such as akregatorrc:

Close Button On Tabs=true

  Also, ran across this in my browsing this evening. I think you might find it
useful as well :)

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.