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Month: February 2014

Re: [trinity-devel] R: [trinity-devel] KXMLedit is MISSING from TDE - Slavek can you convert/add?

From: "David C. Rankin" <drankinatty@...>
Date: Sat, 22 Feb 2014 12:53:55 -0600
On 02/22/2014 12:45 PM, David C. Rankin wrote:
> On 02/22/2014 12:10 PM, Slávek Banko wrote:
>> A further two notes:
>> 1) script convert_existing_qt3_app_to_tqt3 can perform some unwanted renaming. 
>> The usual case is qui => tqui in some languages ​​(french, spanish, ..). This 
>> is necessary to treat. 
>> 2) Invidual steps of conversion I want push into GIT as individual commits. If 
>> you want to prepare conversion of application, I need not result, but the 
>> original source and invidual patches performing the conversion.
>> Slavek
> Grr... I guess I started with the wrong script :( I'll report back.

Slavek, Francios,

  I started over with:

# convert_existing_kde3_app_to_tde
# copy tde/common/admin

  The build fails almost immediately. With convert_existing_qt3_app_to_tqt3 it
got much further. Do I also have to run convert_existing_qt3_app_to_tqt3?

  Do you have a link to the conversion process howto? What are the steps?

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.