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Month: March 2014

Re: [trinity-devel] R14.0.0 soft freeze

From: Slávek Banko <slavek.banko@...>
Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2014 19:45:31 +0100
Dne po 3. března 2014 Darrell napsal(a):
> > this is to remind everybody that as of today, R14.0.0 has been
> > declared feature-frozen (soft-freeze). No new apps, kde->tde renames,
> > major enhancement will be included in R14.0.0 and they will have to
> > wait for the next release.
> I have a pytdeextensions patch I finished yesterday that does nothing
> but kde->tde and qt->tqt renames. I can push or open a bug report.
> Based upon everything I saw , I suspect nobody uses pytdeextensions
> anyway.

pytdeextensions is necessary for tde-guidance. And tde-guidance now FTBFS. 
This is not good.

> > Once the list is fully completed and agreed upon, we should make it
> > the official list and IMO we should declare R14.0.0 as hard-frozen.
> I think we ought to play wack-o-mole and get a nice hunk of bugs
> resolved before moving to hard freeze.

I agree - not good freeze when serious bugs. For example, as of now FTBFS 
in kchmviewer and tde-guidance.

> > In the meantime, feel free to suggest what bugs you would like to see
> > fixed in R14.0.0 and if you are willing to work on any of them.
> > Please keep in mind that we want to keep the list as short as
> > possible, in order to release R14.0.0 in a timely manner. Therefore
> > bugs should fit in one of the next categories (in order of priority):
> > - blockers
> > - criticals
> > - cause major loss of functionality to the system or to the user
> > - results in loss of functionality that could affect R14 release
> > reviews negatively (such as help buttons not working for example)
> >
> > Please do not suggest bugs that do not fit in one of these
> > categories.
> Every time this kind of discussion arises I am the lone voice that is
> ignored. Everybody focuses on Blocker and Critical bugs. The bug list
> needs to include paper cut issues.

For this reason, I'm not sure if just now he have to deal with KXMLEditor 
and Katesort plugin. There are several other applications on which 
François worked hard, and which also waiting for inclusion into GIT. The 
only difference is that around them at present is not such a stir.

For example, for me, is critical twinkle. Francois on it did a lot of 
effort, but because it is a complicated application, its integration I've 
had to postpone - regardless of the fact that "for me" is critical.

> Darrell