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Month: May 2014

tdm doesn't start through

From: Werner Bast <werner.bast@...>
Date: Sat, 24 May 2014 01:05:11 +0200
hi all,

Like the subject said i've got problems with tdm. Its just the other
branch of the bug Nr 2057. I recently switched from on
precise to the nightly builds (R14.0.0 i guess).

And ended up with both kdm-trinity and tdm-trinity. On the way to
switch i was getting asked whitch DisplayManager and i choose
tdm-trinity. i reboot and ended in the non-X Prompt on tty1.
The confusing part is that the command (after login) initctl list shows
the service
'tdm-trinity start/running, process 2838'.
So i have to 'initctl restart tdm-trinity' to get the

I just looked around a bit in /etc/init/tdm-trinity.conf and it seems

So I'm in a state of confusion. What am i doing wrong

Greetings Werner Bast