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Month: May 2014

Re: [trinity-devel] tdm doesn't start through(weird observation)

From: Werner Bast <werner.bast@...>
Date: Sun, 25 May 2014 19:45:22 +0200
Am 24.05.2014 20:23, schrieb Greg Madden:
> On Saturday 24 May 2014 06:55:08 you wrote:
>> Am 24.05.2014 10:39, schrieb Greg Madden:
>>> On Friday 23 May 2014 19:40:36 you wrote:
>>>> Am 24.05.2014 02:21, schrieb Greg Madden:
>>>>> On Friday 23 May 2014 15:05:11 you wrote:
>>>>>> hi all,
>>>>>> Like the subject said i've got problems with tdm. Its just the
>>>>>> other branch of the bug Nr 2057. I recently switched from
>>>>>> on precise to the nightly builds (R14.0.0 i guess).
>>>>>> And ended up with both kdm-trinity and tdm-trinity. On the way
>>>>>> to switch i was getting asked whitch DisplayManager and i choose
>>>>>> tdm-trinity. i reboot and ended in the non-X Prompt on tty1. The
>>>>>> confusing part is that the command (after login) initctl list
>>>>>> shows the service
>>>>>> 'tdm-trinity start/running, process 2838'.
>>>>>> So i have to 'initctl restart tdm-trinity' to get the
>>>>>> X-Login(graphically)
>>>>>> I just looked around a bit in /etc/init/tdm-trinity.conf and it
>>>>>> seems alright.
>>>>>> So I'm in a state of confusion. What am i doing wrong
>>>>>> Greetings Werner Bast
>>>>> How did you 'switch' to R14 ? There is a thread on the TDE users
>>> list:
>>>>> :Most simple way to upgrade Trinity"  discussing how to upgrade
>>>>> : TDE.
>>>>> Since the upgrade path has not been , at least, documented yet,
>>>>> feedback is welcome on what you did, sources.list, commands or ?.
>>>>> To fix a possible broken install I would make sure I did not have
>>>>> any packages with 'KDE' in the name since R14 has renamed
>>>>> everthing? to TDE Purge leftover KDE-* packages
>>>> I just changed the lines in sources.list.
>>>> and updated. After that i had to manually start tdm. Then i kicked
>>>> kdm-trinity*. And nothing changed (the description says its only a
>>>> transitional package). I had to manually start tdm anyway.
>>>> What i also want is not only the solution, but to know where the
>>>> problem is.
>>>> Yours Werner
>>> Is there a 'tdm-trinity' script in '/etc/init.d' ?
>> There is a link in /etc/init.d:
>> lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root   21 Mai 21 08:17 /etc/init.d/tdm-trinity ->
>> /lib/init/upstart-job
>> ubuntu uses upstart and the tdm-trinity.conf in /etc/init
>> looks ok.
>> cat /etc/init/tdm-trinity.conf:
>> <code>
>>  # tdm-trinity - TDE Display Manager
>>  #
>>  # The display manager service manages the X servers running on the
>>  # system, providing login and auto-login services
> snipped
> Not familiar with Ubuntu, I use Debian.
> that said I did a test, needed to anyway to documentt a safe upgrade for 
> my workstaions..eventually.
> System, Debian Squeeze, TDE Changed sources list to nightly 
> builds (TDE R14).
> apt-get upgrade: only installs a few packages, most are held back.
> aptitude upgrade: removes one package, installs NEW packages, and 
> upgrades packages.
> these were simulated runs, will do more testing later. what this 
> indicates to me is that depending on how you upgraded your system, you 
> did not say..updating a Ubuntu system has no meaning to me, there could 
> be issues with a complete install, ie held packages.
Sorry, didn't make it clear. I used the ubuntu 'Update Manager' (GUI).

so 1. change line in /etc/apt/sources.list
2. upgrade with GUI in X.
remarks on 2.: it's probably safer and more reliable to use apt-get, but
i can and will live with the outcome of the GUI just to see what does
work and what does not.
For upgrading i always use the Update Manager and for installation and
removing packages i use synaptic, which works for me by now.

Back to the tdm-issue. Puzzeled by the fact that the first call to
upstart with tdm-trinity (should do automatic) doesn't succed and it's
neccesary to start it manually, i came to the believe it could be a
race-condition. So i add the following line:

   'echo "UPSTART_EVENTS => $UPSTART_EVENTS" > /root/tdm_init.log'

just to see whats inside the UPSTART_EVENTS-arg. The result was it is
running directly without do something manually. I added that line after
the if-part:

if [ -n "$UPSTART_EVENTS" ]

cat /root/tdm_init.log gives:
   UPSTART_EVENTS => filesystem runlevel started stopped stopped

To make the upgrade more reliable i think this should be investigated.

just my 2 cents Werner