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Month: June 2014

Re: [trinity-devel] tdebase build - heavy ram requirement

From: Michael Howard <mike@...>
Date: Sun, 15 Jun 2014 11:30:50 +0100
On 14/06/2014 23:44, Timothy Pearson wrote:
> Hash: SHA224
>> Anybody any thoughts on why the tdebase (from git) build is so heavy on
>> ram? It makes building on embedded systems even more arduos than one
>> might expect.
>> On a desktop PC with 6 cores and 32GB ram, the build uses over 7GB of
>> ram in the first couple of minutes ( I didn't build to the end, just
>> wanted a quick check). Not many embeded systems are that ram abundant :)
>> On the arm devices I've tried to natively build on, all the ram is used
>> almost immediately (largest ram I have is 2G) and I can throw swap space
>> at it ad infinitum without success.
>> Cheers,
>> Mike.
> That doesn't make much sense given that the armhf/armel builds on
> Debian/Ubuntu are executing on machines with only 2GB RAM and no swap
> files.  Can you try to isolate specifically which processes are using all
> that memory during the build?
> Thanks!
Your right, it doesn't make alot of sense.

I grabbed a 'nightly builds' source package 
(tdebase-trinity_14.0.0-r1611-0debian7.0.0+pr150) and it behaves as I 
would expect on one device but still suffers from an OOM event at 5% 
into the build (with no swap allocated) on an exact same device. With 
swap enabled it passes that point and memory usage falls to expected 
levels. I suspect something may be amiss with my systems here :)