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Month: August 2014

unfullfilled dependencies

From: Werner Bast <werner.bast@...>
Date: Fri, 01 Aug 2014 16:54:27 +0200

today i tried to upgrade my nightly-builds-tde on ubuntu precise(12.04).
All looks ok, exept tdelibs-trinity:
apt-get upgrade didn't do it, but leaves sadly no comment.
apt-get install gives me :
Die folgenden Pakete haben unerf�llte Abh�ngigkeiten:
 tdelibs-trinity : H�ngt ab von: tdelibs14-trinity (>=
4:14.0.0-r1070-0ubuntu12.04.0+pr126) aber
4:14.0.0-r1069-0ubuntu12.04.0+pr126 soll installiert werden
E: Probleme k�nnen nicht korrigiert werden, Sie haben zur�ckgehaltene
defekte Pakete.
what means there are unfulfilled dependencies.
I believe there must be something wrong with the packages.

Yours Werner