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Month: August 2014

R: [trinity-devel] New TDEUI proposal

From: Michele Calgaro <michele.calgaro@...>
Date: Sun, 3 Aug 2014 03:44:03 +0100
Hi Alex,
thanks for the new pictures.
Here is my opinion. Opinions from other users are welcomed.

The first one (the darker one) looks pretty good and it is in line with the new intro theme and TDE Classic Menu side line color. This contributes to give TDE its own look and feel and improves the rebranding effort we have being doing.
I also like the white color used for the top writing ("Trinity Control Center blah blah blah") and the updated icon on the top right, which matches the icon of the Trinity Control Center used in the menu.
Instead I think we need to improve the following things:

1) the section "Welcone to the Trinity Control Center blah blah blah" looks a little awkward, the text is not vertically centered compared to the light color horizontal stripe. It would be nice if that looked similar to the bottom rounded rectangle: same width, same rounded corners, eventually use three text lines instead of two.
Also I think it is better to remove the quotes (") around Trinity Control Center.

2) the current Trinity Control Center has a sort of horizontal light colored "band" on the top, going from left to right (see attached file). That is the main theme of the new TDE website (whenever we will launch it :) ) and would be good to maintain that. Could you manage to fit such "band" into the new color scheme?

Let's also see other's opinions.