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Month: August 2014

RE: New TDEUI proposal: other's opinion also welcomed

From: Michele Calgaro <michele.calgaro@...>
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2014 10:31:40 +0100
> The one with the natural green background is not a proposal - it is only to show that the TDEUI has now full support for
> transparency and different background, as opposed to the old one. But it looks so good that it is almost making the 
> others looking plain, boring :)
The green looks quite good indeed :-) I am also almost tempted by it, but I think some other users may like a more traditional approch.

> I think that it will be a good idea to replace the old TDEUI with this one for R14, because all of the TDE and KDE reviews 
> are always showing either Konqueror or the Control Center. If reviewers sees no visual change at all, they will think that 
> TDE has not progressed from classic KDE 3.5.10, even if it is not true.
Yes, well said! I think we should discard tdeui10 (the light one) because it is too similar to the KDE 3.5 ones.
tdeui9 (the dark one) is probably a good balance between changes and traditional look.

One more small thing, if you can fix it. The background of the inner part of each box is different and it looks like there is a double border for each box. Could you adjust it? See the attach picture for what I mean.

> I would still like to have the advice or opinion of the other devs. Michele, can you contact them, just in case they don't look 
> at this message?
Every developer is copied to this mails. If we don't get any more feedback within few days, early next week I will ask Tim and Slavek directly (this weekend I am busy and probably I will have no time for TDE).