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Month: August 2014

Re: [trinity-devel] Re: Opinion on new background wallpaper for R14

From: Michele Calgaro <michele.calgaro@...>
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2014 02:31:15 +0100
> I'm advocating keeping some mostly because there are four possible aspect ratios for
> computer screens at the moment, depending on the age of the hardware (and Trinity
> is going to be used on some older hardware)--providing a few neutral tiling backgrounds
> is easier than covering off all possibilities.  Plus, there may actually be people out there
> who *like* them, weird as it sounds.
> The selection of five (the ones in tdebase minus Chicken Songs) is probably
> sufficient overall, though--we don't have to keep the ones in tdeartwork too.

Ok, good point. Let's keep some tile background available. I will stick to your list for those.

> The *text* on the konqui wallpaper says "Trinity", yes (I was the one who redid it).
> My concern is that Konqui himself--the little dragon critter--is *KDE*'s mascot.
> I'm surprised they don't have him trademarked (or do they?  There seems to be a
> lot of conflicting information, none of it official)  In other words, it's a subtle branding
>issue that we've been ignoring.

Being KDE available under GNU I think trademark is not a problem. Nevertheless indirectly you raised another good point. Since we are rebranding and restyling, it would make sense to also have a new mascot for TDE, instead of KDE's dragon. Would you and Alex be available to work something out in the spare time?

> (E.) Sort of like a tiles view of the entire directory, maybe, instead of only previewing one at a time?
> (Alex) The actual preview is one at a time. I was talking about making a window similar to the provided screenshot. It makes it > much easier to choose a picture than with the file name. But in the future, not for R14.

Good suggestion and yes, definitely for after v14.0.0. I will open a bug report so we won't forget about it.