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Month: October 2014

Re: [trinity-devel] About commits cd928d14 and dd581bd6

From: Darrell <darrella@...>
Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2014 10:02:17 -0500
On Sun October 5 2014 10:45:35 pm Michele Calgaro wrote:
> I don't understand part of these two commits.
> 1) moving the QuickStart and Visual Guide .desktop files from tdebase to 
> tdeaddons, but leaving the main docbook in tdebase.
> IMO moving the two docbooks to tdeaddons is incorrect. Users may choose 
> to install tdebase but not tdeaddons and in such situation (although 
> unlikely, I concede) both guides would not be available.
> QuickStart and Visual Guide are basic entry points for new users, so I 
> think we should put them back where they were before (i.e. in tdebase).

The quick start and visual guide docbooks and respective desktop files are still in tdebase. Look in the sources, tdebase/khelpcenter/plugins to see the desktop files. A long time ago the docbook files were moved from the tdebase tutorials directory to their own directory in tdebase. Look in tdebase/docs.

Don't install tdeaddons and you'll see the two help files still appear in khelpcenter. The guides will be the second and third documents in the help center directory tree.

Since those changes long ago, the tutorials directory in the sources has been empty. The changes in the recent commits is I moved the empty directory to tdeaddons and added the three new docbook tutorials.

Originally (KDE 3.5), the quick start and visual guides were tutorials in the tdebase sources. Those were the only two documents in the tdebase tutorials directory. Originally those two documents were somewhat obscured from obvious use by being installed in the Tutorials section. I thought the guides were important to new users and I moved those two documents to their own directory in the sources as well as their availability in the help handbook directory tree. Those changes left the sources tutorials directory empty and that directory in the sources has been empty for a long time. With those commits long ago, those two specific guides were moved from the help center Tutorials section to the top level of the help center tree, in order to make them more obvious to new users.

These last two commits are part of the original long-term plan to reorganize the help files. While I support the idea of adding tutorials in the help center, I did not think any "tutorial" should be part of a default installation. In my view, tutorials are optional and are add-ons. Hence the move to tdeaddons.

The original idea is there are KDE3 tutorials still available online that could be massaged into docbook and later placed into the Tutorials category.

> 2) I don't see the logic of having an option BUILD_TUTORIALS to disable 
> building the tutorials until they have been updated. What about most of 
> the help handbook so? If we follow the same logic, we should disable 
> most of them as well. I propose we remove the option and just build the 
> tutorials, even in incompleted/not fully updated.

Either delete the BUILD_TUTORIALS option or change the default to ${BUILD_ALL}. In my view tutorials remain elective/optional, but I won't scream if you make either change.