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Month: October 2014

Re: [trinity-devel] Contributor License Agreements

From: "Timothy Pearson" <kb9vqf@...>
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2014 14:42:39 -0500
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> On Thursday 16 of October 2014 21:14:26 Timothy Pearson wrote:
>> > I have a question:
>> >
>> > I often process patches from Fran�ois, making adjustments as needed,
>> and
>> > then
>> > commit. For such posts will be listed as an author Fran�ois and as
>> > Signed-off
>> > will be mine. Is this the correct procedure?
>> Actually he needs to sign off on them.  It gets a bit confusing because
>> there are actually three authorship fields in GIT that we are interested
>> in: author, signed-off-by, and committer.  In this case his name goes
>> into
>> author and signed-off-by, and your name goes into committer.  So when
>> you
>> process the patches, if he provided a signed-off-by line for that patch
>> in
>> Bugzilla then you copy that into the commit message on the last line of
>> the commit message, separated by a blank line.
>> As I am still phasing the CLA system in, and I trust the core team not
>> to
>> sue, include copyrighted code, etc., if he has not provided a
>> signed-off-by line for the patches go ahead and commit them without a
>> signed-off-by line.
>> For developers with GIT accounts you can commit and sign off all in one
>> step by passing the -s flag to git commit.  Just be aware that you are
>> stating you have the legal right to license the commit when you do this;
>> philosophically this is the same as before but the procedure is a bit
>> more
>> formal now.
>> > Or contributions should be Signed-off at the same time by Fran�ois? If
>> > so, how
>> > should it be implemented technically?
>> When he submits patches he should provide a signed-off-by line for that
>> patch in the bugtracker.  If anyone outside of the core team submits a
>> patch without a signed-off-by line for that patch in the bug report we
>> need to request that they provide one--the patch itself does not have to
>> be resubmitted, but the submitter needs to add a comment stating they
>> are
>> signing off on that patch and appending the appropriate signed-off-by
>> line
>> to that comment.
>> > Similarly, in cases of occasional contributors who do not have commit
>> > access?
>> > For example, during the integration of the translations.
>> Same as above; if patch is submitted via Email then the Email should
>> contain the signed-off-by line.  It's always OK to reply to a patch
>> submission and request that a signed-off-by line be provided.
>> Does this make sense?  Basically we're just fixing the bookkeeping end
>> of
>> the project so that we know who authored, who owns, who released, and
>> who
>> committed anything and can thereby better avoid any potential legal
>> issues.
>> Tim
> Yes, I assumed that I start using '-s' at commit. I just did not know what
> the
> outcome will be using --author '...' together with '-s'.

I honestly don't know what the outcome of that would be.  Probably best
would be to either test it to see what happens or just manually add the
appropriate signed-off-by line to the bottom of the commit message.

If you do test it let us know how GIT handles those simultaneous flags!

> At the same time, I also hesitated over the procedure of processing
> patches
> that need to be corrected before commit. If I had to incorporate a patch
> in
> its original form and as a subsequent commit make the necessary changes?

This StackOverflow answer handles this case well:

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