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Month: December 2014

Re: [trinity-devel] TDE R14 Hard Freeze

From: Michele Calgaro <michele.calgaro@...>
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2014 13:51:40 +0900
On 12/10/2014 04:11 AM, Sl�vek Banko wrote:
> Regarding the meta-bug for R14.0.x. I would suggest for each 'patch' release
> separate meta-bug. Thus, one for R14.0.1, separate for R14.0.2, and as well
> as for next patch releases. It allows to plan assignment bug reports for each
> patch release. A meta-bug also will then be an overview of bugs fixed in any
> particular patch release.

Dear all,
I have renamed and created the following meta bugs.
1) Bug 2246 - R14.0.1 resolved bug list (meta bug)
2) Bug 2247 - R14.1.0 resolved bug list (meta bug)
3) Bug 2233 - Next version bug request list (meta-bug)

Each "resolved bug list" meta bug will list the bugs solved in the corresponding TDE release version.
Later meta bug for R14.0.2, R14.0.3, etc... will be created.
Bug 2247 will depend on all R14.0.x meta bugs.

Bug 2233 should serve as "request list" for bugs to be fixed in the next TDE version. Once solved, each bug should be 
moved to the appropriate "resolved bug list" meta bug.

These meta bugs will serve as a good tool to keep track of what is fixed in each release.