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Month: December 2014

Re: [trinity-devel] Package renames and autoremove

From: Michele Calgaro <michele.calgaro@...>
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2014 19:06:20 +0900
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On 2014/12/11 06:58 PM, Mike Bird wrote:
> On Thu December 11 2014 01:47:03 Michele Calgaro wrote:
>> I haven't (yet) tried an upgrade from to r14.0.0 myself
>> (I will have to test on a VM sometime next week), but when you
>> are going for the dummy package removal, I suggest you try this:
>> run aptitude in interactive mode, select the dummy packages to
>> remove, press 'g'. You will have a screen with a summary of what
>> packages are going to be removed, which most likely will include
>> most of TDE packages (based on your mail) as "autodependency
>> (A)". Mark tdebase, tdelibs and all other "general" tde packages
>> as "keep". This should possibly keep most of TDE installed, while
>> allowing you to remove those dummy packages.
> Hi Michele,
> I've been trying to figure out a simple way to protect 
> inexperienced users.
> The safest approach I've found thus far is:
> apt-get update apt-get install tde-trinity apt-get dist-upgrade
> This is for Debian.  Ubuntu may need a different second step just
> as initial installs are different for Ubuntu.
> I also tried this with aptitude but aptitude goes crazy.
> --Mike

Looks like the mirror is now fully working, since it takes less than
30 minutes to do a fully upgrade. So I have tested sevaral ways to
upgrade from a standard install to 14.0.0.
The sequence suggested by Mike seems to be the most
reliable/reproducable, but with some tweeks.
1) apt-get update
2) apt-get install tde-trinity.
   This fails at some point.
3) apt-get -f install.
   This succeeded, but trying to login after this stage gives the error
   "Could not start kstartupconfig...."
4) apt-get dist-upgrade
   After this stage, I have a fully working TDE R14.0.0 system.
   Running aptitude in CLI mode and pressing 'g', comes up with a list
   of packages that can be deleted. This at times is most of the TDE
   installation. To fix this do the following.
5) run 'aptitude', search tde-trinity (which should be shown as
*un*installed, mark as 'to install' and 'g'. This will make R14.0.0
stick in your system
6) running 'aptitude' and pressing 'g' again, comes up with a list of
packages that can be deleted. Proceed.

I have noticed over several upgrade runs, that the list of packages
that can be deleted is not always the same, not sure why although some
of the upgrade run were interrupted/resumed several times due to the
slow download bandwidth of previous days.
It seems that dummy packages have to be manually removed.
dpkg -l | grep -i dummy
gives a list of such packages.

I will modify the installation instructions adding an "Update from" section to it. If you have any specific comments that you
would like to add to the above, please let me know (once again :-) )


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