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Month: December 2014

Codebase formatting discussion

From: "Timothy Pearson" <kb9vqf@...>
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2014 15:51:52 -0600
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This is a follow-up on point #5 from my post earlier this month entitled
"TDE GIT thaw, build farm status, and future direction".

> Codebase formatting.  While this is not a major problem for the users
> I have been tripped up more than once by the fact that some portions of
> the codebase (twin among others) use a vastly different style of
> indentation and bracing, one that is (IMHO) extremely hard to read and/or
> modify.  This in turn has therefore contributed to many "fix up prior
> commit" commits and/or outright regressions in GIT.  I greatly prefer
> Stroustrup style formatting with hard tab indentation (no space or
> combined space/tab indents) and indented public/protected/private blocks.
> This style is highly legible, emphasizes the control flow, and produces a
> minimal number of non-whitespace difference lines when an if/else block is
> modified.  All of the new code (thousands and thousands of lines of it)
> that I have contributed to TDE have been in this style.  I have been
> toying with reformatting the entire TDE codebase in one large commit; if
> there are no objections I think this step could greatly improve both our
> development speed and the overall quality of the codebase; comments and
> discussion are welcome.

I would like to start converting over the codebase ASAP.  I have an
automated tool that will do this, but would like some feedback on the
style to convert into as reformatting like this is a one-time operation
that will not be repeated for the life of the TDE project.

As mentioned above I strongly prefer a modified Stroustrup style
formatting.  Is this acceptable to the other developers, and if not, what
would you rather use and why?


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