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Month: June 2015

[trinity-devel] questions about rosegarden package

From: Fede Galland <federicogalland@...>
Date: Mon, 1 Jun 2015 14:35:58 -0300
hi all,

I'm a newcomer to trinity, so I might be using the wrong channel for my
First of all, let me state that I had grown dissapointed by the trend
current linux is going, but I installed the trinity repos just to have
the old rosegarden easily installed on my wheezy systems and I just
can't believe how lightweight and featureful TDE is. It seems to perform
better than the good old KDE3.5

To the point:

Is anybody mantaining the rosegarden version shipping in trinity's
I mean, is it expected to report stability bugs on it?

Why did you ship with version 1.7.0 instead of the latest 1.7.x series,
1.7.3 (as per rosegarden's sourceforge)?

I tried compiling Rosegarden 1.7.3 just to see if it was easily
achievable, but I got only as far as to point cmake to the tqt3 libs. It
fails searching for KDE3's kcfg and whatnot. If this indeed is the
correct channel I will provide debugging info.

In a somewhat unrelated topic:

Is it still possible to build KDE3.5 minded applications on trinity? Is
there a guide with steps to change the dependencies?
In other words, is trinity backwards compatible with KDE3.5?

One other app I'd like to have running is kmiditracker, which depends
heavily on KDE3.5.

[rantmode] Thanks for holding this little fortress in the free software
world. Many a great code base gets lost everytime someone decides we
should be switching to a completely different as soon as something
becomes stable enough not to worry about it (as it's happening to KDE4
right now). [/rantomde]

Have a good one!