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Month: July 2015

Re: [trinity-devel] How do I build debian package out of git for tdevelop

From: Michele Calgaro <michele.calgaro@...>
Date: Wed, 08 Jul 2015 12:39:48 +0900
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On 2015/07/08 08:46 AM, Sl�vek Banko wrote:
> On Wednesday 08 of July 2015 00:10:54 Emanoil Kotsev wrote:
>> Hi,as the subject says I'm wondering where I can find the debian
>> directory for tdevelop and be able to build the package(s)? And a
>> second bonus questionI have ported kplayer to tde r14 but I don't
>> know how to upload the modified code. The instructions I received
>> are not clear to me. I also created a debian directory for this,
>> but not sure if it should be uploaded and how to proceed with it.
>> thanks in advance and regards
> Very short answer is: take a source code of module from git,
> include 'debian' folder from tde-packaging git repository, update
> version in 'changelog' and you can build :)

I missed the original email from Emanoil..... perhaps something with
the ML managing programs (time to time mails bounce back and I do not
get them).

In addition to Slavek's reply, here is a simple way to try:
1) download the package code that you want to build from the GIT main
repo and copy it somewhere (for example /home/<user>/tde_src/tdevelop)
2) download the package "packaging" code from the GIT packaging repo
and copy the "debian"folder for the correct distro into the forder you
used in point 1 (for example /home/<user>/tde_src/tdevelop/debian)
3) update change log
4) cd to the folder (cd /home/<user>/tde_src/tdevelop)
5) "debian/rules binary" should work out of the box and build all the
required .deb in the parent folder (for example /home/<user>/tde_src),
provided you have all required dependency packages installed.

This is just for a temporary local build. If you want a clean build in
a separate chroot environment you should use pbuilder or debuild.

> To maintain the nightly-builds and preliminary-stable-builds
> repositories of course we have scripts that automate the creation
> of source packages - especially for maintaining versioning of
> packages. Unfortunately, these scripts are not yet published.
> However, you can use the script create-tarball, which can serve as
> a basis to get 'orig.tar.xz'.

This is a long outstanding point, we promised several times that we
would publish the scripts after R14.0.0 was out but we haven't done it
yet.... I will sit down and address this point once I am done with bug
420 (hopefully :-) )

> For KPlayer please create a new bug report in Trinity Bugzilla and
> attach the patch to this bug report.
Please create a new bug and attach both the original code you started
from and the final version, so we can also see the changes that were

PS: you are more than welcome to contribute to TDE development. Any
improvement we can make will benefit the whole community ;-)
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