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Month: July 2015

Re: [trinity-devel] How do I build debian package out of git for tdevelop

From: Michele Calgaro <michele.calgaro@...>
Date: Thu, 09 Jul 2015 18:17:48 +0900
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Still missing Emanoil messages..... :-(

>> In addition to Slavek's reply, here is a simple way to try: 1) download the package code that you want to build
>> from the GIT main repo and copy it somewhere (for example /home/<user>/tde_src/tdevelop)
> E: This I did with GIT_ASKPASS=echo git clone --recursive
> https://anonymous-24c8wBLmhuFsCdPV93hFxf1oAjcxobwF@... /scm/git/tdevelop
> After this used cmake to build and it looks it is working fine, so I wanted to have deb packages in order to
> relpace the R14 jessie ones


>> 2) download the package "packaging" code from the GIT packaging repo and copy the "debian"folder for the correct
>> distro into the forder you used in point 1 (for example /home/<user>/tde_src/tdevelop/debian)
> E: this is I did with git submodule add
> http://system-24c8wBLmhuH1KXRcyAk9cg@.../scm/git/tde-packaging

I usually keep the tde-packaging as a separate repo instead of a submodule ot the main repo. In any case you need to
copy the debian folder as explained before

> E: I might have raised a bug against tdevelop as recently it started crashing more often with assert on part &&
parent >in fileview. I was able to recover by reimporting the project, but slowly my patience gets at the end.
> E: I was thinking to build the package and test it as one mentioned going back for the kdevelop etc etc, instead
> of trying to debug that part of the code. But this is subject of another thread.
Ok, please report back any info you can gather from testing to the bug report. By the way, what is the bug number you
are referring to?

>> PS: you are more than welcome to contribute to TDE development. Any improvement we can make will benefit the
>> whole community ;-)
> E: I would love to, but time is very limited at the moment, so doing my best. I think it would be of advantage to
> get a brief process description of and experience with common tasks, like the ones discussed above. I have a lot
> of experience with debian and very good one with OOP in some languages, but I have just few hours a week left. I
> hope this will change sooner or later though.
No worries, we are more or less in the same situation and can only devote time to TDE when we have it ;-)
As introduction to building TDE, have a look at the link below, it should give some more insights although some info
may be outdated or partially incorrect (for example we now build using tqt3 instead of qt3)


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