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Month: July 2015

Re: [trinity-devel] [Trinity-devel] Qt4TDEStyle No such file or directory.

From: "Bro. Michael Henry" <bromichaelhenry@...>
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 2015 08:54:26 -0500

> > I was trying to upgrade a Gambas 2 program to a Gambas 3 program. It got
> > most of the way through and crashed.  Now when I start, it crashes at the
> > startup screen and displays this message: Qt4TDEStyle: No such file or
> > directory.
> >
> > Can anyone point me in the right direction? Also, has anyone given a
> > thought to modifying Gambas 2 to produce TDE programs?

> Try removing this theme engine:
> qt4-tqt-theme-engine
> My Ubuntu R14 version was crashing on shutdown and removing that
> engine solved the problem.
> Hope it helps

Yes it did, thank you Keith. So do this mean that my QT programs will no 
longer have the Trinity theme?
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