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Month: July 2015

Re: [trinity-devel] Polish translations

From: Marcin Wilk <marcin@...>
Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2015 02:52:43 +0200
W dniu 2015-07-28 o 01:47, Michele Calgaro pisze:
> On 07/27/2015 09:59 PM, Marcin Wilk wrote:
> > Hello! I would like to ask once again, how can I help with some
> Trinity translations (Polish language)? There are
> > few places where some better translation would be cool, or add it
> into places where it lacks. I would like to know
> > how can i do that, where to start? Best Regards
> Hi,
> sorry for missing your first email...
> You can download the .po files from the GIT repo
> and update the translations as you see fit.
> Then please create a bug report and upload the new files, so that we
> can push them to GIT.
> If you need more help please let us know.
> Cheers
>   Michele

Hello Michele, thank You for answer to my email.
I done what You said and what was strange, i find out that the
translations that
were not visible on TDE were actually inside .po files.
I'm trying to work on Q4OS translation, the Linux that use TDE as main
desktop environment.
Places that were lack of translation do have them in .po files. I was
wondering what is wrong,
and made test: compile .po file directly into .mo without editing, then
overwrite the one
that came with OS. And then it worked! They use R14.0.0, but i was
thinking that maybe
this is Q4OS fault. I'm using Scientific Linux 7 on my PC (it is RHEL
based OS like CentOS).
So i installed TDE R14 using instructions on TDE website/wiki.
Firstly the TDE didn;t want to install, because as i figured out, many
mirrors do not have files
so yum cannot download packages list and just inform about error, so i
changed links
inside repo configuration file and then it worked (just changed from
mirrors selector to one
that i find out have files).
Then i installed R14, language package and reboot OS.
And then i find out same problem like with Q4OS, lack of some
translations (even when they
exist in .po files on the GIT You gave me link). I do not understand
what is wrong now :)
I think this is beyond my control :)

PS. Q4OS is Debian based.