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Month: August 2015

Unable to update or install tdesvn-trinity

From: Werner Bast <werner.bast@...>
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 2015 19:51:45 +0200

since several week the Adept Notifier informs me that there are several
updated packages: tdesvn-trinity and tdesvn-tdeio-plugins-trinity.
But the neither the ubuntu-update-manager nor synaptic does the update.
It remains in the state "should be updated".
So i decided to try it with apt-get and run into a little problem.
An update of tdnsvn-trinity isn't possible it needs
An update of tdesvn-tdeio-plugins-trinity removes tdnsvn-trinity cause
tdesvn-tdeio-plugins-trinity needs libsvnqt-trinity.
And libsvnqt-trinity doesn't like tdnsvn-trinity.

So it is impossible to update or install tdnsvn-trinity.

My System is a Ubuntu-trusty-thar-box(14.04LTS) on a amd64-Core.

Yours Werner