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Month: November 2015

RE: [trinity-devel] New splash proposal for amaroK

From: Alexandre <ac586133@...>
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 2015 19:48:34 +0000
> -Alexandre
What about the attached modified version? The CD is spinning in the other way, "TDE music player" is slightly smaller
and the v1.4 is near the Amarok name and not "lost" in the top right corner.
I just did a raw select-copy-paste so the result is somehow basic, surely Alex can do better.

Hi all,

As I said, more maintenance is NOT better. If the version number change, the splash screen will have to be modified. And it will more than likely not be me who will modify back the version number, for some reasons... If it is to be kept on the splash screen, I prefer to keep it in the top right corner, as I think something was kind-of missing in this corner. 

Also, what is visible on the cd is not an arrow. It is a laser trace of the CD being read, which means that you all want to see it turn the wrong way.

Anyway things are getting complicated for no valuable reasons. If someone else is ready to do another splash, then let's do it. But no one did it, as it is for all other artwork on TDE...