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Month: November 2015

keyboard layout switching

From: Ilya Dogolazky <ilya.dogolazky@...>
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 2015 14:08:14 +0200
Hello !

I would like to understand how keyboard layouts are switched by the
Trinity. More precise:

1) what happening when user clicks on the flag icon? Some external
program called or some TDE process communicates with X-server (and
2) what part of Trinity source code do I have to read to understand it?
3) is it possible to send some D-Bus message (or something similar) to
emulate user's click on flag icon and/or select particular language
from the list of available keyboard layouts?
4) the same as #3, but vice versa: can an external program ask TDE
"what keyboard do we have right now"?
5) If answer to #3 is "NO", is there any chance for a patch doing it
to be included into TDE ?
6) What is the situation with questions #3 & #4 in the "mainstream
window managers" (like KDE, Gnome) nowadays ?


Ilya D.