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Month: December 2015

Re: Re: TDEPIM status and possibility to extend it to support syncevolution

From: deloptes <deloptes@...>
Date: Thu, 03 Dec 2015 21:21:04 +0100
Timothy Pearson wrote:

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>> Timothy Pearson wrote:
>>> As I don't generally use / sync mobile devices for various security and
>>> privacy reasons I don't know what would need to be done to get this
>>> working correctly. �What is your general use case?
>> Thanks for the reply!
>> My problem is (I don't know if use case is appropriate), that I was able
>> to
>> sync my phone and Palm III without issue until 2005. Palm broke and phone
>> was replaced some time after and sync stopped working, because newer
>> phones
>> were using SyncML already.
>> I'm not sure what you mean by saying privacy - I want to have my events,
>> notes, todos in sync on TDE and my phone - I don't see any problem if I
>> sync up via USB cable between PC and phone.
> And from my perspective I wouldn't ever want my private notes uploaded to
> the NSA/<other three letter agency>/Google/<other corporate busybody> over
> the baseband connection after they are on the phone.  That's generally
> private information (raw unfiltered thoughts), similar to the contents of
> a personal diary, that in a civilised society only I should ever see.
> When anyone else starts reading your raw unfiltered thoughts, especially
> when those same entities can take action against you, it introduces severe
> chilling effects across the entire population that are long-term damaging
> to democratic societies.
> tl;dr: I never put anything on a phone that hasn't been thoroughly thought
> through and is ready for public scrutiny.  It's an old policy, and one
> that has unfortunately been proven correct over the years.  Now Microsoft
> is even snooping through everyone's personal files looking for who knows
> what to make money.

Here I agree with you. This is why I do not use Microsoft, Apple or Google
devices and services.

Regarding the need to sync up information it is pretty clear. I want to have
same set of data (Contacts, Notes etc) on my devices and be able to modify
on one single place.

>> So I am looking for a way to sync up few devices. Tablet, 2xPhones, TDE
>> etc.
>> What should be synced is the trivial once (cal, event, address, todo,
>> notes) and possibly all the rest possible to be synced via syncML
>> (images, mp3 etc - but this is nice to have - I'm sure it will work as
>> the syncml
>> library is pretty good - we  just miss an interface in TDE for it).
> I am unfamiliar with syncML.  Do any of these phones / sync solutions use
> a standard interface (similar to CalDAV, CardDAV, etc.) or are they all
> proprietary / device class specific APIs?

Perhaps my knowledge is outdated, but still I can not get the contacts etc
between the N9 and TDE and I would love to.

I think the discussion is pretty useful. I'll jump down to the mail from