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Month: December 2015


From: Mark S Bilk <mark@...>
Date: Fri, 25 Dec 2015 21:43:47 -0800
On this website:

is a Linux program that makes random system-calls.  The 
author calls it a "fuzzer" and has named it "Trinity".  
When run, it creates lots of junk files, can delete 
pre-existing files, and do anything else the OS can do.

A friend of mine wanted to install TDE, but carelessly ran 
that "fuzzer" program instead.  He cleaned out the junk files
but doesn't know what other damage has been done.

People need to be warned about that program!

I sent e-mail to the author asking him to put a warning 
on his web page for people seeking TDE, but I don't know 
if he will do it.

Prospective TDE users must be sent here directly:

and told not to find it via Google, etc.