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Month: January 2016

Re: [trinity-devel] Query about Gentoo and Trinity

From: Fat-Zer <fatzer2@...>
Date: Mon, 4 Jan 2016 23:47:33 +0300
Hi, nice to see yet another gentoo person here...

2015-12-29 22:00 GMT+03:00 E. Liddell <ejlddll@...>:
> I'm embarking once again on my periodic quixotic quest to corral all ebuilds
> (Gentoo packages) for Trinity and combine them into a usable overlay.
> Is anyone else (Fat-Zer?) still working on this?
> If not, does anyone know of any old overlays with substantial material that
> isn't in the following?
> (Serghei's--long dead)
> (Fat-Zer's--still on 3.5.13)
Just to be noted it also contains live ebuilds which work well enough...
I don't really want to maintain releases because, firstly, I
personally use git versions... secondly it will require to solve some
problems about visioning since migration to R14 numeration etc... and
thirdly, I doubt that there are anybody really interested in them...

> (dropped by author as of July)
> (plus the one I was working on with Roman back in 2011, for which I
> ironically have the materials but not the URL)
I was noticed about the overlay before... But AFAIR firstly it removed
the older version from the git (which I didn't like), so it has
required a manual merge; and secondly, I didn't like something about
the ebuilds themselfs (some extra DEPs AFAIR) so I was gonna to give
them a review before the merge... so after a while I forgot about that
and so one.... *blah* my apologies to Martin...
If you still have the material, please push it somewhere to have it around...

I'm not aware about anybody else still working on it...

> In particular, I'm looking for better post-kde-sunset support for the
> packages still building with autotools.
There is nothing ready to use and gentoo-specific if you ask about
that... I myself won't support it, because IMHO It should have been
dropped years ago...
If you have some wishes on porting some specific packages to cmake and
adding them to the overlay, I can handle it, but take into account
that my human powers are limited...

> I keep hoping that someone else will take up the torch on this, but everyone
> who's tried seems to lose interest within a year or two, so I'm reluctantly
> going to give it another shot.  The intention here is to:
> 1. collect existing materials in one location
> 2. do appropriate version bumps as new versions of Trinity come out
>   (I'll be automating this as much as I can)
> 3. try to get *something* into the official overlays list and the Gentoo
>   wiki, so that people at least know it's there (an unfun but necessary step)
> 4. centralize efforts so that people interested in working on this don't
>   get mired down in version-bumping old ebuilds

So all in all:
1/2: If you still think that version bumping of releases will be
appreciated by somebody (at least more than two persons) I'll try to
manage myself to do it (but no promises here)...
There are not a lot to collect beyond that.. I suppose the furtherer
maintaining will be likely peace a cake... Only the testing may be
quite painful...
3. I don't really think it should be listed in it's current state
(with or without version bumps) among other (semi)official gentoo
mirrors, because it really incomplete (at least doesn't contains all
base modules) and, fairly speaking, quite crappy (e.g malformed
desktop files)... But I can easily reconsider that...
4. IMHO there are not a lot what to centralize...

> I lack the skills, time, and energy to create the substantial number of new
> ebuilds needed for a complete overlay.  If anyone else offers to pitch in and
> help with this, I will be *ecstatic*.  (Otherwise, the only way forward may
> be to offer cash incentives.)
> Of course, I may get nowhere at all (again), especially since I'm currently
> rebuilding my test environment after the xorg-server and xorg-driver
> packages somehow managed to desync. :(
> E. Liddell